Pripučiamas batutas Lego herojai

What's the best way to beat the boredom and distract your kids from the lure of video games? Play some water games, of course! And no, you don't even need a pool to beat the heat. Just head out into your backyard and get busy having fun. Even the bigger kids will love getting in on the action with these wet 'n wild games. If your kids are saying, "I'm bored," faster than you can keep up this summer, check out these fun water games for every age 7-19.

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Pripučiamas Batutas Lego Herojai

Pripučiamas batutas “Lego herojai” – 150,00 € Batutas didelis, pilnai profesionalus, sertifikuotas, pirktas naujas 2021 m. Batuto išmatavimai: ilgis 8 m., plotis 4,75 m., aukštis 6 m.




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